U2 Rock Band or Guitar Hero ?

We heard about this a couple of times over, and well frankly we passed on a story just due to time. Now that  USA Today reports that U2 was very interested in starring in their own Rock Band game last year, but for some reason decided against it. We thought about it again and well after we watched this video we are sold on the idea.

Bono and the boys have seen the success of the of The Beetles: Rock Band, or what looks like to be success, lets see what happens around christmas time.

“We definitely would like to be in there, but we felt some of the compromises weren’t what we wanted,” Adam Clayton told USA Today. “That could change. I love the idea that that’s where people are getting music, and we’d love to be in that world.”

The group was concerned about their digital portrayal, and rightfully so, but when Harmonix pulled it off with The Beatles, they were quick to become enthused again.

“What The Beatles have done, where the animation is much more representative of them, is what we’re interested in, rather than the one-size-fits-all animation. We didn’t want to be caricatured.”

So what are your thoughts ? Do you think they have the catalogue of songs necessary to make it happen?