U2 to visit Freebird

Herald, November 17, 2009

By: Lorna Nolan

U2 are hoping to pay one final visit to their favourite haunt in Temple Bar before it shuts.

The group are currently enjoying a well-deserved break after a hectic schedule of concert dates as part of their sell-out 360° tour throughout Europe and the U.S.

But before they take to the stage once more, the Dublin foursome are hoping to pay homage to Freebird Records, the store that helped progress their music interest back in the 1980s.

The record store, which is one of Dublin’s oldest music shops, has become the latest victim of the recession and will shut this month.

U2 and other musicians, including Oscar winner Glen Hansard, were regular visitors to the city centre haunt. Owner Brian Foley, who opened in 1978, says sales have decreased so much that he was left with no option but to close.

Music Lovers Unite

The record shop, which is well-known to underground music lovers, will close on Saturday week.

Bono, the Edge, Adam Clayton and Larry Mullen Jr. are currently spending time with their families, but are hoping to return to Dublin for a visit before Christmas.

“I’ve no doubt the U2 guys will be disappointed,” a close pal of Bono said. “They’ve never forgotten their roots and always look after those who were good to them on their way up.

“I’m sure they will try and go in for one last visit before it closes — if they are back in Dublin before then.

Shop assistant Jack Patella said Dublin is losing a special venue.

“There’s just not enough business. Temple Bar is dead during the winter,” he said.

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