Dublin Rockers Bring it Home

Half of Dublin 4 decided to sup with the Devlin last weekend. Nothing strange about that you think, but no, this wasn’t the Devlin you know (Peter, husband of Lorraine), it was his younger brother, Colin. So half of Dublin 4 had to take their long spoons to LA last weekend.

Ostensibly, it was for the little matter of a U2 concert. But it was really to help Irish actress Sonya Macari surprise her fiance Colin with a party at the Bar Marmont of the Chateau Marmont last Saturday night.

Pop star Colin turned up thinking he was going for a drink with Sonya. Once there he was surprised by the assembled throng of Irish glamouratti.

U2TOURFANS 2009My fingers would bleed from typing if I told you all the names but they included Pamela Flood (can anyone tell me what she does now?) and her boyfriend, Town Bar & Grill boss Ronan Ryan; magician Keith Barry; Dunnes heir Andrew Heffernan (who was at the Barcelona opening night and the recent New York show too — is this what heirs do?); and PR whizz Tara O’Leary. Former RTE star Caroline Morahan was also there (she is, I’m told, getting on great with her acting classes over there in La La Land) as was Olivia Tracey. Ms Tracey, who has gone down a storm in Hollywood, could probably give Caroline acting lessons by now.

U2 were staying in the Chateau Marmont, apart from the Edge who stayed in his house in LA. The following night, Sonya et al went to the U2 concert and, naturally the VIP pre-party reception — which turned out to be a who’s who of Hollywood and Ireland’s best talent: among them Colin Farrell, Pierce Brosnan, Cindy Crawford and hubby Rande Gerber, David Beckham (sporting a beard), Ewan McGregor, Bono, Irish classical music composer Patrick Cassidy (who is doing a giant concert in Rome next summer) and Teresa Carr’s favourite diner, Orlando Bloom.