Will U2 get a GRAMMY nomination ?

The Grammy Nominations Concert will air on CBS tonight at 9pm EST (check your local listings for your time). U2 will not be there, but “No Line on the Horizon” could be nominated.

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While the album wasn’t a major success and some think it doesn’t stand up to stronger (and Grammy winning) records “All That You Can’t Leave Behind” and “How to Dismantle an Atomic Bomb”, “No Line” is really a personal piece. It’s something U2 put a lot into and, as Edge said previously, the material has played so well during the “360” tour that people are starting to warm up to it more.

We do  think that as great of a song “Get on Your Boots” is, it’s no “Vertigo” or a “Beautiful Day”. And “Magnificent” and “I’ll Go Crazy” were hardly played on radio (which shocked me because those songs were amazing live and deserved airplay), so not everyone has had the chance to experience “No Line” or had the time to really appreciate it. “360” also didn’t play in a lot of cities during the US leg, so some probably didn’t get the opportunity to hear the material live.

But the thing about the Grammys, they always reward passion projects. Alison Krauss and Robert Plant won last year for their praised album “Raising Sand” and the Dixie Chicks won all five of their nominations for “Taking the Long Way” (which is a fantastic record that I have played out almost as much as “No Line”) in the wake of their George W. Bush scandal.

Academy should (and perhaps they already have) look into how thoughtful and pure “No Line” is. You can feel it in every note, you can hear it in every lyric sung, and you can understand U2’s thought process in the entire album. Hopefully, U2 and their passion project will get shown a little Grammy nomination love tonight.

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