U2 Songs That Celebrate the Season

U2 is made up of a batch of Catholic Irishmen, which means that the rock band can somewhat be considered a Christian band and ATU2 compiled a list of the “Top 6 U2 Christmas References” leading up to the holiday … although don’t expect “We Wish You a Merry Christmas” from Bono & Co! At No. 6 is U2’s (never officially released) cover of John Lennon’s classic song “Happy Xmas (War is Over).” U2 once performed the song on the Irish Late Late Show.

“If God Will Send His Angles” comes in at No. 5, with the line, “And the love? What’s that you say to me? Does love light up your Christmas tree?”

In reviewing the song ATU2 says the song is “as delicate and beautiful as anything they’ve ever done. The whole song has a cold, shimmering feel to it, like a Christmas night where the narrator is outside of the house in the snow, looking through the window at the warmth on the other side.”

“Jesus, sing a song you wrote. The words are sticking in my throat. Peace on Earth. We hear it every Christmas time, but hope and history won’t rhyme so what’s it worth. This peace on earth,” are the words to “Peace on Earth,” in which Bono lists people that died in the Omagh bombing and asks why. No. 3, “Miss Sarajevo” is similar to the past two songs, with the lyrics, “Is there a time for typing ribbons, a time for Christmas trees? Is there a time for setting tables and the night is set to freeze?” No. 2 is”Christmas (Baby, Please Come Home).”  U2’s cover of Greg Lake’s “I Believe in Father Christmas” ranked at No.1 for being “the best cover song U2 has ever done”