The new

The new is now live, and with it comes the news that many fans have been waiting for: Yes, members will have access to a subscriber-only ticket pre-sale. Wisely, there's no mention of "guaranteed tickets" or any of the stuff that led to trouble back in 2005. Other tour-related benefits for members will include things like "exclusive photography," backstage video, and access to Willie Williams' tour diary.Membership also includes U2:Medium, Rare and Remastered, a 2-CD set of songs that were previously available on The Complete U2 (the iTunes digital box set), on the deluxe editions of recent album remasters, and on the b-sides of various singles released this decade.The cost of new membership has gone up again -- it's $50/year now, up from $45 last year. Renewals will be $32 until March 2nd. Use the link to learn more about the membership package, and be sure to come back and vote in our poll at the bottom of this page: Do you plan to join this year?