Is It Here Yet?

After a five year hiatus, U2 will finally release their long awaited album, No Line on the Horizon on February 27 in Germany, Australia and their beloved Ireland and to the States and the rest of the world on March 3. After a band has been around for almost thirty years, there has always been a great curiosity in each and every product they have accomplished and how they have kept it going for so long. Bono, Larry, Edge and Adam have always been an ambitious band who will try just about anything to make the music work. In the past they have worked with amazing artists like BB King and creative sound and production personnel that are willing to take the musical journey. Though timeless and consistent in their general musical repertoire U2 has always tried to incorporate styles that seem compatible to the times as well as always being aware of their demanding but open minded audience that know that this band always is trying something different and is never predictable. However, as much as they evolve they will always still retain that unique sound that first drove them up the charts three decades ago.

Well, you can go back to BOY, U2's first album that shows the steady raw and edgy sound that still is evident in their music now but though it remains, that special "voice" still changes in different degrees. The garage rock similarities will always be there and has carried them through some eleven albums, not counting other recordings like special mixes and greatest hits.

Line on the Horizon was created in collaboration by exceptional producers like Steve Lillywhite, who worked on the album Boy and October, and Brian Eno and Danny Lanois, both of whom helped in the creation of The Joshua Tree, the 1987 Blockbuster album that took U2 over the top. No Line on the Horizon was also recorded in not just one or two but four studios, including Fez, Morocco, London, Dublin and New York.