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For the second time this month, an online music store has started prematurely selling No Line on the Horizon. This time, the Universal Music Australia store has made the entire album available as digital downloads, and fans all over the world are buying it up, putting it on file sharing sites, and sending it to friends. The album's out there now; no turning back. Update: Universal Australia is no longer selling the album; it was available for about 1-2 hours.

Little did anyone know that NLOTH was also available on the Napster Mobile online store. An @U2 reader found it and bought the album on February 8th; it was available all last week, and finally removed yesterday (Feb. 16).

Everyone seems to love NLOTH. Join the discussion, or just see what they're saying in our forum. Link is below. (Note: no file sharing/trading is allowed in the forum.)

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