Bono and the King

A POEM Bono wrote about Elvis in 1995, which he read aloud during an interview two years ago, is going to be broadcast on BBC Radio 4 this week. "So what?" you might say, on the grounds that we've often heard slightly nonsensical garbage coming from his mouth in the past, why not a poem which was described by its initial audience of one as being "effective, but bonkers"?

Elvis: American David is the title of the U2 front man's ode to The King, and aside from its iambic pentameter which, to use a term from classical literary theory, is off the hook, the poem makes several claims that not only rhyme but are also enlightening, even to the most ardent Elvis fan. "Elvis grew sideburns as a protest against Tom Jones' hairy chest," Bono states at one point in the poem, which is all written in lowercase, prompting some suggestion that it may have been composed on a mobile phone.
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