Beatiful Day - Thoughts

Good Day ! As we are getting closer to the the tour I thought the theme for next week will be live videos. Yup I will be selecting videos from around the world from the last U2 tour. Lots of choices so lets kick off the new week with U2 Beautiful Day - Live @ Slane Castle.

  1. Set building has begun. This looks to be massive. I am checking a couple of sources for photos to be able to post something shortly.
  2. The Edge still has issues with his home in Malibu (USA) It seems the concept of green space has caused issues with his new home.
  3. No Line: So we have been asked to list our fav's in order. Not yet I say. How about you guys tell me first.
  4. Tour set list. Now this is one that we have to really think about. What are the songs we want to hear? Can we really go all the way back to the beginning? You tell me
  5. What was that “Third Kodak moment. 1987
  6. How Old is Adam ?
  7. Punters ? Who are they ?
  8. Donate ? Sure we are non profit and trying to build a great site with your help
  9. Visit our sponsors, why not. Free swag is just that free.
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