Bono's Top Ten Moves - Bone Head and all

1. The Spidey

If Bono were a bit younger, he could audition for the title character in his own Broadway show and get the part. In his never-ending desire to connect with his audience, Bono was notorious for climbing up, climbing down, or swinging from anything he could get his hands on, including light rigging, speaker stacks, fences, sculptures, and at the US Festival in the mid-'80s, the huge banner that hung behind the stage. While Bono insisted on defying gravity, the rest of the band were left to their own devices, continuing to play while no doubt shaking their heads in disbelief. Imagine what they're thinking during the band's Live Aid performance of "Bad," 11 minutes into a six-minute song: "You crazy #*%*#!"

2. The Hair Whisperer

In the late '80s, Bono got rid of his mullet and cut his hair into a shoulder-length pageboy. At first it was a jarring transition, until it became apparent that this hairstyle was the best bodily prop Bono ever had at his disposal, giving him more options than ever before or since. It started out innocuously enough, pulled back into a ponytail, but then it became a weapon whipping around his head, or sticking to the sweat on his face, causing Bono to compulsively run his fingers through his hair to smooth it away.

3. The Shackle

In the video for "With or Without You," Bono throws his arms straight up over his head and crosses them at the wrists for a literal interpretation of the line "My hands are tied/my body bruised..." Bono, I'd like to personally thank you for fueling my rock star fantasies with that particular visual.

4. The Rockette

U2 likes to make a big entrance when they come out to play for their fans, and nothing was bigger than the Zoo TV tour. Bono and his mates tossed off every last vestige of their '80s personas and came roaring into the '90s in a blaze of leather and flickering blue light from an enormous wall of television screens. The Edge strikes the first notes of "Zoo Station," and Bono, looking cooler than cool, rises out of the darkness and executes a series of high kicks that rival any of those performed by the famed residents of Radio City Music Hall.

5. The Boxer

How do you top Zoo TV? Why, with PopMart, of course. Another big entrance by the band as the song "Pop Muzik" blares over the loudspeakers, they enter the venue by walking through the crowd, tuxedoed bodyguards and huge entourage in tow. In his white robe, hood pulled over his eyes, Bono does his best "Macho" Comacho or "Boom Boom" Mancini, jabbing and prancing his way to the ring. And while it may take a few minutes for the crowd to notice, no one seems to care once they realize the muscles aren't real.

6. The Bull

This move was worthy enough to be a part of both the PopMart and Elevation tours, for the song "Until the End of the World." Bono's fingers are his props here, representing the horns of a charging bull as Bono and The Edge attempt to slay each other with rock 'n' roll. The fans are the lucky winners in this dramatic fight to the finish.

7. The Turkey

U2 appeared on the Late Show with David Letterman in support of All That You Can't Leave Behind, shortly after the 9/11 disaster. The band paid homage to the city by playing "New York." True to form, Bono changed the lyrics of the song to fit the occasion, which was touching until, in an effort to become the Statue of Liberty, Bono places his outstretched fingers behind his head to form her crown. Does he evoke the famous symbol of freedom, or poultry in heat? Tough call.

8. The Loaded Diaper

This move is most evident in the official "Beautiful Day" video, shot in and around the Charles De Gaulle airport in Paris, France. Anyone who's been a parent will recognize it immediately: Your very young child waddles up to you in a sort of half walk, half squat, clearly uncomfortable. With the camera at such a low angle, we get a most unfortunate view as Bono gives new meaning to the phrase "It's been all over you."

9. Crazy Samurai

During the Vertigo tour, Bono and Larry began the song "Love and Peace or Else" at the tip of the b-stage, while Adam and The Edge remained on the main stage. Larry plays the song on a single drum and cymbal, but at some point flees the scene and heads back to the safety of his kit. Bono takes the drumsticks and starts wailing away on that poor thing, doing his damnedest to smash it to bits. He gets so excited, he's also stomping his feet. Look out!

10. The Upper GI

There's a point in every U2 show that makes you wonder if Bono's pre-show burrito was a bad idea. He hunches over, grabbing his middle or pulling his jacket tighter to his body, and he's clearly feeling something, but what? The song, or the burrito? Let's hope, for all of our sakes, that it's the song.