Anticipation and Speculation Intensify as U2 Rehearses for Opening Night

Earlier Edge told Rolling stone a while back that U2 may bring back some songs that they have not played for a long time. How about "Drowning Man"(WAR) which was never featured live. However most of you have seen the live set photo. We know that at least in rehearsals it has been played. So many other gems may make their appearance this time around that this could be the concert of the year or at least the promoters are hoping the punters show up in full pockets ready to release $25.00 US dollars for that must have T shirt.

The opening night of U2 360 in Barcelona on June 30, 2009 will take place during the afternoon in the United will be posting reviews, videos, comments, photos as well the many other shows through the tour. We still have plans for a select few reporters said, all they have asked is that you provide your contact info before the show.

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