Its started - Crowds coming in says fans "first in line are signing contracts, probably for interviews." They've also posted a good picture via Twitter of the Tuesday morning scene outside Camp Nou stadium.

#1: Around 3000 people will be let into the inner circle and the first 400 will have a head start of about 10 minutes, according to

#2: U2EastLink has some great photos from Monday's dress rehearsal.

#3: Fans are inside the stadium and here's a pic from 2nd row at the b-stage. U2tour is right up front, too, and posted this photo looking up at The Claw, and this one, too. Ditto for U2gigs and this photo. U2gigs also posted this view from the back of the pitch, along with this one, too. posted this photo and this one. The merchandise stands are all outside the stadium, so you can't shop during the show. says the Aung San Suu Kyi masks are being handed out to fans. Here's a pic.

5: has a great photo with bad news: You can't see the video screen from Row 21 and higher on the 1st level of Camp Nou. Ouch. On YouTube, here's a video of fans entering the pitch.

There are no bracelets this tour, it seems. Instead, fans with GA/floor access are getting ink stamps on their arms, like this one.

Fans are also being asked not to lean against the railings because the bridge that connects the main stage and the outer circle rotates. See this photo.

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