All a twitter over U2

So for a couple of hours today it seems that main stream media has grabbed hold of the news that most bloggs have reported two days ago that The boys may be sending us little twitters from the tour. Sources close to the band have confirmed that yes if fact the photos are from the tour. I found that statement to be to funny. Really? You think when I am looking at "The Edge" that it could be somone else.

Now comes the Press Release stating the boys are in fact snapping photos of themselves. I for one would like to see more comments from the boys as they tour, good, bad and sure down and dirty. Why not? Creative Buzz could only come from such interesting messages.

Other news around the world

  • The estimated number of concert-goers at the U2360 show held in the Stade Charles Ehrmann was 56,000 people. The capacity for that stadium is listed as “50,000.”
  • LA Times, Jahd Khalil notes that the green-tinted screen for “Sunday Bloody Sunday” on the current tour is a nod to the “signature color of the protests” by citizens of that country, who are still fighting for fair elections.
  • WBCN was the first radio station in the United States to play U2’s music and now considered to be a sports station.


Wave hello to "The Edge"


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