Claws, Trucks and Crew all add up

Claw by the numbers

Vital statistics for the superstructure for U2’s 360˚ Tour. There are three of these on tour. The flown production load, which is normally loaded in during the 24 hours preceding the show, weighs almost as much as the superstructure from which it is hanging.

Superstructure Statistics
Across stage width across bases: 64m (210’)
Up/down stage width across bases: 48.5m (159’)
Height of the superstructure: 30m (100’)
Height to lightning conductor (tip of pylon): 51.8m (170’)
Clear span across stage: 57.5m (189’)
Clear span up/down stage: 41.5m (136’)
Height to underside octagon truss: 25m (82’)
Tip to tip length of pylon: 43m (141’)
Total unloaded weight of superstructure: 190 tons
Total production load applied to superstructure: 176 tons

Stage Statistics
Ellipse major axis: 22.5m (74’)
Ellipse minor axis: 15.5m (51’)
Height 2.5m: (8’ 3”)
Under-stage tech area (including under upstage runway): 289m² (2900’²)

B Stage Runway Statistics
Ellipse major axis: 53m (174’)
Ellipse minor axis: 46m (151’)
Width: 2.4m (8’)
Height: 1.3m (4’ 4”)
Circumference on centerline: 147.5m (484’)

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