America not sold out ! Come on America !

If you have been following us on tweeter, or youtube you know that we have fans reporting in from around the globe and most of if not all of them have said this is the show to see. "A event to remember". Now the media has not been so nice, well wait a minute. Only in UK have the shows had such bad reviews it starts to make you wonder what really is the issue. Come on now, who cares about Bono's height or is it his views. Ether way the UK media has slammed the boys and really caused some noise on twitter.

We still want to hear directly from you the fan. Sure we know that sometimes a song may go off key, or a note missed. Yet we want to hear what you think about the whole show. The concept, the vibe, and "the event".

Now we have been looking around Ticketmaster for a couple of weeks and we see that lots if not most of the cities have tickets. Couple of reasons for that. Lets not blame the US Dollar or the lack of a job to miss " The Event" chances are that you can find a couple of dollars to get to see the show. Most of the larger cities are sold out. However tour logistics has selected some pretty weird cities for the show.

Do you want to see the show ? If so Tampa has two tickets, click on the tickets link and check out the prices. -

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