The Unforgettable Fire 25 years later, fans get new tracks

U2 said that they will be releasing a number of previously recorded studio tracks that have not been released within "The Unforgettable Fire" the 1984 album due to be re-released later this year.

The Edge and Bono talked about tracks that have been rediscovered by the band as they revisited the LP during the remastering process. The album ( which when will we start calling them CD's?) call the 25th anniversary addition.

Admittedly the boys had been listening to several unreleased tracks that they say more then likely will be featured on the expanded new version during their interview on BBC Radio 1 (august 19th)

Bono said "I listened to some tracks that we're gonna release with the new 'Unforgettable Fire' reissue, some new songs that we discovered that we'd recorded, back in that era - the '80s - that we're gonna put out. And they sound amazing."

Bono called 'Disappearing Act', as "incredibly special",

Speaking about 'Disappearing Act', The Edge said U2 had put the finishing touches to it in France recently.

The Edge said: "Well, it was originally called 'White City', and it was a track we started with Brian Eno and Daniel Lanois back in 1983 when we were recording 'The Unforgettable Fire'. We discovered it about six months ago, and we dug it out and did some work on it in France a few weeks ago, and it's now finished."

Bono said it will be on 'The Unforgettable Fire' reissue, but no one's heard it."

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