Outside its America

With America just over the horizon and 20 days to setup and everyone in place for the largest tour. We thought about what we could do over the next few days. Of course we will always have the most current news stories of the day. Videos on youtube from the concerts so far, twitter updates on just about anything U2 you would want to know and our new U2 North American Tour Hot line.

Looking over the past couple of months we began to think if we had a chance to create our ultimate 80's play list what songs would we place on the list and why. Of course we all have a couple of songs that we wished we never liked, however its fact you know you liked Journey and U2 in the same breath........... Gosh who knows why.

We thought about it and all agreed we should all just go visit the 80's man himself and have him select the best 80's play list. What you don't know who the 80's man is ? Steve Spears come on now everyone know where the Pope lives, Everyone knows who shot J.R . and anyone that loves the 80's knows that Steve is the man to see. Check out this old news blog and lets build our list.

Starting my list off will be U2: New Years Day. I was attending SLU( St Louis U) and it as the cold of winter, I would say it was New Years Eve however I don't think so. The song blasted on the radio and just hit me right between the eyes.

The video was one of their first to see heavy rotation on MTV. It was filmed in Sälen, Sweden in December 1982 and directed by Meiert Avis. The band only appeared in the performance scenes of the video as it was filmed in the dead of the Swedish winter.

U2 guitarist Edge revealed in the official U2 biography that the four people riding on horseback in the video that appeared to be the four U2 members were in fact four Swedish teenage girls disguised as the members of U2 riding on horseback with masks over their faces.

This was done as the band were frozen from shooting the video in sub-freezing temperatures the day before. Their biography states that Bono refused to wear any headgear despite the cold weather and had a lot of trouble mouthing the lyrics. The video also features footage of Soviet troops advancing in winter during World War II.

U2 allowed free of charge use of this song in a spot prepared by the European Commission.