U2 Chicago is waiting for

Many readers have been asking us as to what are the GA rules, or system for the Soldier Field show this Saturday and Sunday. Well folks we would like to be able to report we have got the facts, however our call to the local office of Live Nation Global Tour got us the standard answer. Are your ready ?

Doors open at 5:00pm Local venue time, Opening act Snow Patrol at 7:00 pm local venue time.

So before you break off a comment ( see below section for comment posting) think about it, why would they tell us prior to the event? It makes no sense to provide concert goers an idea of what to expect for the largest tour of the year. Hell your lucky you even got a ticket !  Ok that was a bit much. My point ? What point, I have been working the phones all day, resources, and for what ? The standard answer which can be found on the back of any ticket. Sad truth, no clue and we will all just have to wait and see. Mean time, flights in to Chicago happen to be cheap right now.

Top Ten things to think about

  1. Bring two phones
  2. Bring one camera
  3. Bring lots of cash
  4. Remember send videos/photos to U2tourfans
  5. follow and tweet from the show
  6. Run as fast as you can to the front of the stage ( so what the gates are metal)
  7. Roadies don’t like punters ( don’t be one)
  8. Saying I’ll be your boy friend tonight when your a boy, will not score you back stage pass
  9. Truck drivers, like you too however the only ride you will get is not inside the cab
  10. No matter what anyone happens to say, You know you just saw an amazing show, now share your story