Wake Up Chicago U2 has arrived !

Good Morning Chicago ! Live from Soldier Field ! Tonight will be the first of two shows performed. Tickets for todays show have been sold out since March 30th. The GA line has been formed since Thursday. This is the event of the year.  We have a couple of things you should know, while standing in line.


Take a photo with a sign thats has our name on it  and you could win a really cool gift. The photo must be taken in the stadium or any where around the stage.“U2TOURFANS.com”   send it over to us via the drop box. or SMS to the hotline number below.

TOUR HOTLINE: (513) 360- TOUR(8687)


Designed for you to send your videos, photos only. We will welcome all images and videos and audio files that you have taken yourself. We will give you credit for it.

Youtube/ Twitter/ Facebook

Fans not going to the show can follow us via twitter we will report the events live, set lists, comments, photos. Youtube video channel U2TOURFANS will have concert videos posted as soon as possible. Sign up for the alerts via YouTube Channel.  Facebook Streams will be live during the event and you can join in the comments. Sign up and be a Facebook fan.


Bring Cash ! Your going to spend some money and hey why not. Enjoy yourself !


Informally dubbed “The Claw,” the stage is so big that only sports stadiums can contain it—well, some of them can. Cowboys Stadium near Dallas will raise its enormous scoreboard next month to accommodate the 164-foot-tall rig. The Claws—there are three of them that leapfrog from venue to venue—weigh about 180 tons each and take about a week to assemble. ( Look for the bright red trucks and the line of tour buses as they come into your town)


Recession ? Really U2 would never know that. 65, 000 fans have purchased tickets which already has set a single day attendance. It was pretty easy to add a second show at that point. All 24 EURO shows sold out and grossed  $188 million. The tour is expected to cross into 2010 and could surpass the Rolling Stones “A Bigger Bang Tour’ at $588 million. Making U2 the highest grossing concert in history.

 The Boys

 Buys guys with a musical score for Spider Man about completed, The Edge will be featured in a documentary  “It Might Get Loud,” along with fellow guitar icons Jimmy Page and Jack White.
What wll they play

Your guess is just as good as ours.  If we look over he set list from the EURO tours we have some what an idea. However all bets are off until the first song. Lots of fans sites have databases of set lists we have posted a links to a couple of them. We know the standards if we can call them standards will be.

“I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For,” “Mysterious Ways,” “One” and “Where the Streets Have No Name.” Each night’s encore in Europe was the same: “Ultraviolet,” “With or Without You” and “Moment of Surrender.”

It going to Snow

 Remember Izzy from “Grey Anatomy” ? Yea well she made Snow Patrol as household name. They have been opening up for the boys on the EURO tour leg and have signed on for a couple of US dates. MOst fans sites have agreeed that Snow Patrol put on a great show, which take that for what its worth.