Blackberry U2 Mobile

 Finally U2 loves Blackberry- Today via Blackberry Applications World you can download the feature. So here is what you need to know.

  1. U2 Mobile Application works on Blackberry

  2. Get the software via Blackberry Application World

  3. Or click on your blackberry Application World via the download tab.
  4. Once you down load review and agree to the terms
  5. It will setup in your download file - so move it to where you want to keep the icon.

Updated 6:30PM EST - So I had a chance to down the little U2 application to my blackberry bold and I will say OMG.

  1. Application name should be changed to promotional tool to sell CD’s and concert tickets.
  2. Videos are all available on - So whats the special deal ?
  3. Music, don’t think your going to get to stream U2 on your Bold. No way its just a clip.
  4. Photo’s are not anything you have not gotten a chance to see from all the U2 fan sites.

STAR Rating  **

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