Open the Roof "We are ready"

“We need to land this spaceship!”

U2’s spaceship has landed in Toronto. U2 frontman Bono’s nicknamed the stage way back during the EURO shows. The stage which will blow the roof off (literally) the Rogers Centre tonight, as the Dublin quartet kicks off the first of two sold-out Toronto shows on their 360 Degree Tour. TTom Podolec @Copyright 2009 he big news for Toronto’s 58,000 concert goers tonight and tomorrow is that they’ll have the added bonus of having the roof opened for both shows, as long as the pleasant late-summer weather continues. The only other rock show to have the lid open at the Rogers Centre was Bruce Springsteen and The E Street Band in 2003.


“Due to the good weather and obviously better sound quality — and this sound system is unbelievable — it deserves the best possible scenario. Those domed stadiums, the roofs are so high, the sound tends to go up, and kind of swirl around and bounce around, a lot of metal stuff and cement. So it’s much better if it’s open.”

Photo Credit: Tom Podolec @COPYRIGHT 2009