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WICKED LOCAL FOXBOROUGH GILLETE STADIUM Officals have requested that we inform you AGAIN. DO NOT ARRIVE EARLY ! ( Before 3PM) We have included the must know details at the bottom of this story. Remember we told you. Hey take a photo with our name and send it us “U2TOURFANS”

Sunday and Monday about 140,000 of you get a chance to experience a show that has been considered the largest stage in the world. If you have been out to the stadium you may have had a chance to see the steel crew building the set for Sundays show. Be sure you read the details. You have warned. Really we mean it. Read it - 

We have some here is what you need to know

The songs: A big chunk of the set doesn’t change from night to night, including U2 opening with a quartet of new songs “Breathe,” “No Line On The Horizon,” “Get On Your Boots” and “Magnificent.” But among the new tunes and expected hits (“Beautiful Day,” “Vertigo,” “One,” “Bad,” “With Or Without You”) are some surprises. Last week, the band debuted “Your Blue Room,” a song from the “Original Soundtracks 1” album recorded under the pseudonym Passengers. Also, the band has been tucking in snippets of covers, including “All You Need Is Love,” “Blackbird,” “King of Pain,” “Stand By Me” and “Amazing Grace.”

Bono: U2TOURFANS FILE PHOTOBono has been quoted saying that this is really a two act show. The first act is about the personal, the soul-searching of a young man, expressed by “I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For,” “Stuck In A Moment You Can’t Get Out Of,” “Unknown Caller,” etc. The second half focuses on the political and global with “Sunday Bloody Sunday,” “Pride (In the Name of Love),” “Walk On,” etc. Bono admitted that most people would not have thougtht or figured this out. However a few pints and you can see clearly the concept. 

The stage set: Nicknamed “the spaceship” by Bono, U2’s latest monstrosity is its most monstrous. Built for a reported cost of $40 million, the rotating stage features a 90-foot-tall canopy and a 54-ton, 360-degree video screen made up of a million pieces, including 500,000 pixels and 30,000 cables. Just when you thought Bono’s head couldn’t get any bigger, it’s about to be blown up by a million watts.

The opener: Remember Izzy from “Grey’s” well they made these boys famous, Snow Patrol has been out with U2 since the Euro days, ( miss only a couple of shows) Some the other cities will get the Peas, or Muse, sorry no such luck here.

U2TOURFANS FILE PHOTOThe new album: We will be the first to say that this album needs time to grow on you. Its really better then you think. You will want to listen and know a couple of the songs prior to going to the show. You can expect atleast seven songs from the new album

Is better than you think. Really. And you’ll want to get to know these songs before the show: expect seven of them to get played.

The details:

  1. Dont arrive before 3PM the lots will not open and your wasting your time and you will be turned away. Now that does not mean you can’t line up on the street as if your going to a game which we all know happens. Either way Gillette stadium will not open the parking lots early.
  2. GA Fans can line up at 3PM - Not earlier, so no reason to camp out or waste your time.
  3. Opening Act “Snow Patrol” expected to start at 7 PM EST
  4. Headliner: U2 will take the stage around 8:30 PM EST ( P.S. now thats the published schedule we all know that the band likes a well timed show. So that means it could start 8:35pm or 8:40 PM) Again chill your going to want to rest up for this one. 
  5. One photo booth, now this is cool. Be sure to find it. Take a photo and your picture may be one of the photos that wll appear on the big screen.
  6. Cameras: If your a true fan you know the band really does not care if you snap off a couple of photos. Small camera, video suggestion your choice small. Now that does not mean we said bring one. Thats really your choice.
  7. Last important item: Bring lots of money your going to spend some coins and hey its worth it your not going to see U2 again for hum dare we say another year?

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