Happy Anniversary Boys, Thanks for a great 30 years !

It all started in September back in 79. The debut EP was titled "Three" Since then like many bands Bono and the boys have matured, for the better or worse.

As we look back some may say that U2's creative peak has been proven to be far behind them:

Remember Joshua Tree (87) or Achtung Baby(91) those are the albums that have stood the test of time, ground breaking, hall of fame type work.

93 proved to be a testing year for the true fans. Zooropa considered by most as a misunderstood, misguided selection of songs. Later proving to be the final bowing achievement, some will argue that Pop(97) was a misfire.


U2 may seem to be poised to spend the last decade seemingly content to coast on their past triumphs. Generations of younger fans still flock to "Joshua" and "Achtung" in hordes and buy lots of concert tickets, while new offerings such as 2000's "All That You Can't Leave Behind" and 2004's "How to Dismantle an Atomic Bomb" offered hits, albeit all too close to the sonic DNA strand of past ones.


2009 along comes  "No Line on the Horizon," U2 set out to leave behind "Leave" and "Dismantle" bring back Eno who is known for some great production work and Lanois as well as a dozen collaborators. Masterfull Will I am as a co-producer for the single "I'11 Go Crazy if I Don't Go Crazy Tonight" now known as the Blackberry song.

 The result was a more fulfilling set, however could it be more then "Joshua," "Achtung" or even "Zooropa" time will tell. The tour kicks off in America next week. Giving spark to lack luster CD sales, and whole new set of fans that just may think this last one was the "One" for them.

Before we get all teary eyed lets think about this could it be possible for another "Joshua" or "Achtung" could it be possible ? Remember lots of bands have gone back to their roots. Its the true creative process that brings out the best and worst in music, sometimes you have to take the good with the bad, its like a well defined marriage that celebrates 30 years.

 Happy Anniversary Boys, Thanks for a great 30 years and to the next 30


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