U2's Bono proposes

U2’s Bono proposes ‘Festival of Abraham’ in Jerusalem

U2 lead singer Bono has suggested holding an arts festival that celebrates the origin of the three Abrahamic religions: Judaism, Christianity and Islam. In an op-ed published by the New York Times, the rocker, who is also the founder of the advocacy group ONE and (Product) RED, said the festival is “something that could never have happened in the Naughts but will maybe be possible in the Tweens or Teens — if there’s a breakthrough in the Mideast peace process.” In the editorial, which lists “10 ideas that might make the next 10 years more interesting,” the Irish singer said the proposed festival could be held in a different location every year.”Jerusalem would obviously be the best place to start,” he wrote. “In Ireland, at the height of the ‘Troubles,’ it was said that the only solution for rabid sectarianism was to let 1,000 punk-rock bands bloom: music helped create a free space for dialogue (of a high-volume variety). So no politicians allowed. Artists only,” said Bono.