Belgium U2 Concerts Held Back

Tickets for the U2 concert at the Koning Boudewijnstadion stadium in Brussels, Belgium are being held back and not currently being sent due to organizers worries about the secondary ticketing market. In the Belgian Press, Teleticketservice stated they have too much evidence that secondary market ticket resellers are waiting impatiently on the cards and they want to hold off mailing the tickets until summer 2010, closer to the September 22 and 23 concert dates.  Those who bought tickets for one of the two concerts this fall received an email this week which Teleticketservice warning the cards be mailed until summer.

“We have recently received a number of nervous phone calls from people who asked that tickets be sent immediately”, says Stefan Esselens. “We suspect that a large proportion of the tickets will be sold at exorbitant prices.”

Organizers hopes that the currently anti-secondary ticketing legislation being bantered around in the Belgium will be approved after summer. The new government proposal prohibits the resale of tickets by more than 10 percent profit.