Swizz Beatz & Bono Pre-New Years

Swizz Beatz posted on his face book per New Years eve some photos of Bono and himself. Looks like the boys had a bit of a pre eve party. The press of course grabs the story and runs with it. Here is the full story and a couple of photos.

 Bono and Swizz Beatz 2009(RTTNews) - U2 frontman Bono apparently has a fan in famed hip-hop producer Swizz Beatz. With a few days to go before New Year’s, the two got the party started early, enjoying a few cocktails together while rocking out to a number of songs on Bono’s playlist.

“We’re already starting our New Year’s Party,” Swizz said on his Twitter page. “Much love to my brother Bono!” He also posted pictures of the two on the Internet.