U2 Plants Trees

Under the policy of environmental responsibility that the Irish band U2 advocates, in particular its leader, Bono Vox, will be planting  on National Forest Vale de Canas approximately 1 000 indigenous trees, an initiative supported by the municipality under the motto of Coimbra “12 Hundred Joshua Trees” which is an important contribution to mitigating the impact of the fires that have affected forest area in 2005.

Symbolically, Providence Councilman Luis planted the first tree, a strawberry tree.

Thinking of thousands of people during the days of concerts, will be in the city of Coimbra, the city has prepared an urban cleanup operation on a large scale, leading to a collection, separation, transportation and waste treatment.

Environmental services assembled by the local authority, this operation will have an installed processing capacity of 20 tons, at all times, distributed among several locations in town where there is concentration of public parks, Coimbra City Stadium and the surrounding area.

In this mega operation “, thus characterized by the alderman of the municipality of Coimbra, Luis Providence,” nothing was left out or study. ” This action will cost about 30,000 euros, involves 75 city workers and with the collaboration of industry, and Certoma EcoAmbiente, which assign some equipment to enhance the capacity of municipal services.

The host to thousands of people moving to Coimbra in the days of concerts, 02 and October 03, deserved a thorough preparation.

The municipal company Turismo de Coimbra, who promoted the event in partnership with producer Rhythm & Blues, paved parking areas, bus lines to make the connection between the stage and concert car parks, information offices and areas for the fans .