Bono Drinks Green Wine in Porto

U2 chose the Hotel Infante de Sagres in Porto, to spend the night before yesterday, shortly after the concert at the Estádio Cidade de Coimbra. And as might be expected, the Irish want to try good food Porto.

The stay of a machine as big as U2 are today, that may well compare himself to a company, it is projected into the tiniest detail, because only then will we understand how, the very moment of action, nothing fails .

Remember that this tour of U2 (360 º Tour) was started last year, goes to the end of this and the next will be in full in North America. That is, three years to act in different countries, in what already is considered the largest and perhaps most profitably tour ever.

At this point, it is the band that comes, for example, our own accommodation and catering, leaving the local producers mere logistical aspects, such as the hiring of venues, the organization of the entries or traffic issues.

After the performance the day before yesterday in Coimbra, the musicians traveled by helicopter to the Invicta (as, indeed, had made hours earlier in reverse) and settled in the luxury hotels in the city with the highest traditions, Infante de Sagres, where drummer Larry Mullen was unable to escape the autograph hunters.

However, for lunch, the Irish band chose the restaurant PDO, at Largo de São Domingos, the Ribeira.

To experience the good food Porto, Bono and his partners chose cream of asparagus with bacon foam, followed by Samosa Spicy sausage with sauteed mushrooms and in the end bass. To accompany a Sunny Green - First Vineyards, 2009.

The singer refused to eat dessert not to be too heavy for the performance of the night.