75,000 Fans Ready in Rome

Fans in Rome have some great expectations of a massive show. The countdown for Friday’s show at the “Stadio Olimpico” has been sold out for months. The 360 Tour drops the “The Claw” which compares now to a monstrous spider, interesting the boys wrote some tunes for a broadway play with the same name. 

The stadium gates will open tomorrow (to 16.30) as the music starts (at 19.30) with American indierock band Interpol. At 21, U2 will play on stage.

U2 has been on a roll since Bono has come back to the stage. Most cities have been sold out or close to a sell out. Rumors are rising that the boys will hit South America and have some extended North Ameican dates.  So far the recovery of the lost shows has not proven to hurt the boys, only added more dates, which is standard in the tour business.

U2 Fans are asked to send videos and photo’s of the show directly to fanmail at u2 tourfans dot com.