75K Fans Go Crazy In Rome

ROME - The claw grabbed Rome: a summer night in nearly 75,000 flocked from all over Italy and abroad for the grand finale of this part of the tour 360 °, around the world in the name of the rock, they say experts, is poised to become the most successful tour in history.

  Bono called it a A “magical evening” in the words (in Italian),along with the rest of the band gave one of his best concerts of recent years. Upon entry into the Roman stadium, the followers of Bono and company were found in front of him ‘The Claw’, the claw, the huge stage and hyper one that seems to many of the aliens of the ‘War of the Worlds’, or a spider above the band.

Below, the fortunate of the ‘golden circle’, literally within the structure (the central part of the wheel, the top 50 for 58 yards in diameter), with the musicians that are just a few meters. Open dances Interpol has fallen to the Americans, with their ‘indie rock’ stylish (they will be in Italy with their tour November 17 at Palasharp Milan), but the public’s attention was low, given that the expected spasmodic U2 was obviously all for years now the biggest rock band on the planet.

And, like any self-respecting global band, their show but also offers music - especially on this tour came from No Line On The Horizon - massive visual stimuli. But tonight, in Rome, was the music to become the main protagonist. U2 have appeared in the form as often in recent seasons.

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Bono, incredibly inspired, he found his voice from legend, the group played compact and powerful than ever. Introduced by Space Oddity by David Bowie, the former Irish boys attacked with a explosive Beautiful Day, then I will follow the classic, followed by Get on your boots, Magnificent, Mysterious Ways.

Among the thrilling moments and tears, a wonderful Miss Sarajevo. Above them, change the color of the claw, the cylindrical screen changes shape in incredible ways through the songs. “We are in love with Rome’s Flaminio stadium when we played many years ago (1987). Thanks for having kept close to your heart for all this time - says Bono - And tonight we are here with the last date of a European tour that many judged impossible. And I feel very lucky to be here with my three best friends: Larry, Adam and The Edge.

Then he paid tribute to Roberto Saviano, the students of Tehran who struggle for democracy (for them there is a devastating Sunday Bloody Sunday) and, as always, the notes of Walk On, part of the appeal for solidarity with Aung San Suu Kyi , Democratic leader for many years under house arrest in Burma.

Vertigo And then, I’ll go crazy if I do not go crazy, In a little while, I Still Have not Found What I’m looking for. All perfect for an audience in raptures authentic. Spectacular scenery in the stands, which stands on the Tiber was at one point ready to form the word One, while the curves became two huge flags, Italian and Irish.

And the grand finale party with its classical burst with One, and Where the Streets Have No Name, With or without you and enveloping Moment of Surrender.