Etihad Stadium No Rain Out

Regardless of the weather the boys will play !

The Irish band’s enormous “claw” stage sticks out of the top of Etihad Stadium, meaning the roof cannot be completely closed.

Fans should prepare themselves for wet weather, but possible thunderstorms and lightning will create more of a problem.

“If it rains we’ll get wet,” the band’s site manager Bart Durbin said.

“Unless there’s torrential downpours, that may affect it slightly, other than that the show goes on. The roof has to be open. We’ve done shows in the rain before. We get wet. It’s not the best thing but we’ll go on.”

The stage for the band’s 360 Degrees tour began being assembled inside Etihad on Friday. The weight of the stage, said to be the largest in touring history, has required extra reinforcement in the car park under the venue.

About 60,000 fans will watch tomorrow’s show, the first of U2’s Australian tour.

Three “claw” stages will criss-cross the country.

One is already being prepared in Brisbane for U2 shows there next week.

The tour, which ends in Perth on December 19, requires 48 trucks to transport the steel in the staging, 17 trucks for flooring and 60 trucks for the lighting and sound production.

Tickets are still available for U2’s shows tomorrow and Friday, with hip hop star Jay-Z as special guest.

Music fans will be hoping Kanye West, in town on a low-key visit to record an album with Jay-Z during down time from his U2 commitments, will join his fellow rapper on stage in Melbourne.