Slipped into Sydney

Slipped into Sydney on Saturday - as he has done many times before - and wasted no time heading out to some of his favourite watering holes.

The renowned Irish rock institution, who spent two weeks at Bungan Beach with his family in 2006 completely undetected, casually strolled into Rose Bay nosherie Catalina yesterday for a seafood feed with guitarist The Edge (aka David Evans) and the eatery’s owner, Michael McMahon.

Earlier in the day he had met with Foreign Minister Kevin Rudd to discuss poverty and aid.

On Saturday night, the sunnies-obsessed singer arrived unannounced at Icebergs Dining Room.

And, like all diners, he had to wait for a table at the “no bookings” restaurant.

“Bono was having a red cocktail but didn’t get to finish it because a table then became available,” said an onlooker.

Bono has been travelling with an entourage of five, including a burly Irish security guy.

While he will turn the Opera House and Harbour Bridge red tomorrow, the U2 360 tour actually will kick off in Melbourne on Wednesday night.