U2TOURFANS Collecting Donations

U2TOURFANS annual fundraiser is underway. Every year we come back around to let you know that we pride ourselves on providing the total U2 experience which includes access to Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and of course on website.

Our team of dedicated workers combined with the support of some amazing people help fund this project. We are fully aware of the tuff times around the world and ask that you consider a small donation to help us keep our experience going.

We fund tickets, photo gear, video gear, severs, as well as maintain the site with your donations. We are totally non profit.  Our 2011 plans include a trip across america by car, a view from the rear view, which some lucky fans may have a chance to win tickets to the North America Leg. All of this again is possible from our support team.

If your company is looking to for a way to sponsor us we have a great program for you too.

Thanks for considering us. We wish you a blessed and happy season.