U2 360 Tour 2009 Lithograph Series

Dave Long/U2TOURFANS 2009

We heard about the error from FANFARE claiming a photos from one city and finding out its another city. U2 fans if your looking for photos from a city let us know most likely we have it. You can always check our photo colection.  However we have a collecton from Tampa that seems to be the best so far. You voted on them. So we have selected the best photos from our staff photographer, David Long. He has been shooting concert photos for over 10 years and has created some lasting images. This years tour is no exception.

The limited edition images can only be purchased at U2TOURFANS. Working with Dave we have designed two different collages that we feel capture the boys at their best. If you look closely at the image of Bono it seems like he is singing to the heavens and God has shined his light upon him. 

You can purchase any of the images shown within the collage as a single photo.

Your purchase goes towards the support of your site. We arre totally supported by donations and sponsorships. We thank Dave for all his support over the past year and look forward to having him out on the road for the 2010 tour season.

Strictly limited-edition individually numbered (1/500) lithograph featuring stunning full color live photograph by Dave Long of U2TOURFANS.COM Photo Team in  Tampa, Florida on October 9th 2009.

Each lithograph is limited in production. Each one comes with a completed and numbered ‘Certificate of Authenticity’.


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David Long /U2TOURFANS 2009

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