New U2 Album Expected In June

Word is that Bono has said the next U2 album (Songs of Ascent) should be released in June, timely since the tour happens to be starting. During Bono’s interview with Sean O’Hagan he said the sister album to NLOTH would be called “Songs of Ascent” consider it to be a book end kind of like Zooropa and Achtung Baby.

We expect to see producers Brian Eno and Daniel Lanois once again as well as Steve Lillywhite this power house combination has seem to work well for the boys.

Some of the songs are expected to be the leftover tracks from ‘No Line On The Horizon’, but some are older. Songs expected to be used include ‘North Star’, an unused track from ‘How To Dismantle An Atomic Bomb’. ‘Winter’, the song that didn’t make ‘No Line On The Horizon’ but was used in the movie ‘Brothers’ is expected to make the new album and ‘Kingdom Of Your Love’, heard in part of the intro music of the U2 360 Tour is also expected on the album.

Other tracks we might find there are “Every Breaking Wave’, ‘If I Could Live My Life Again’, ‘Love Is All We Have Left’, ‘Mercy’, ‘Lead Me In The Way I Should Go’ and ‘You Can’t Give Away Your Heart’.

Bono told the Irish Independent that the album may be out in June. ( Note the key word MAY)


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