U2 at Bonnaroo ?

Ever since U2 signed on to play Glastonbury last month rumors have been circulating that U2 was being lined up for next year’s Bonnaroo.

And while this may have been well-wishing at the beginning, it sounds like it may not be well-wishing after all.

According to Alex Young, CEO of online music publication Consequence of Sound, Bonnaroo officials have not ruled the band out, an about face from 2008’s ‘Roo when promoters came out of the wood work to kill Led Zeppelin rumors.

While the U2 buzz may not have reached Zeppelin heights it still proves that the ‘Roo promoters are not afraid of squashing rumors.

Young states: “U2 feels more and more like Springsteen last year — it was hard to imagine, but in the back of our minds, we knew it was going to happen.

U2 is certainly capable of hitting Manchester even despite the fact they’ll be in the west coast. Bruce & Co. flew from Europe last year. I do not have any specific word of them being confirmed yet, but I have not got one blatant “no” from the people I’ve talked to.”

Big Questions: Is U2 starting a ‘festival trend’ in 2010, and will Bono show up at the Bonnaroo Festival?

Threre’s one problem with this rumor.  U2 are locked into an exclusive agreement with Live Nation to promote their concert performances until 2020.  They can play glastonbury because Live Nation co-owns the festival.

Bonnaroo is owned by AC Entertainment, thus making it impossible for them to play there. Maybe, yet it seems the buzz has gotten louder.

Rumors are not yet facts until the contract has been signed. We will keep you updated - Let us know what you think - Do you want to see U2 at Bonnaroo ?