Saints Connection to U2

The Saints came to Miami to win last night and return home with a Super Bowl win. As the fans begin to sing their victory song “WHO-DAT” we can’t forget U2’s connection to New Orleans, the Superdome, and the Super Bowl.

In 2002, U2 gave what many still remember as one of the best halftime performances in Super Bowl history.  We launched a poll to see if the nation agreed once again voted the best half time show ever.  


Writing at the Huffington Post, Shawn Amos recalls, “Less than five months after 9/11, U2 turned the Louisiana Superdome in New Orleans into a place of worship. As the Irish band played their final song, ‘Where the Streets Have No Name,’ a giant banner was raised behind them displaying the names of the 2973 people who died during the 9/11 attacks. U2 used the banner during that year’s Elevation Tour but this televised version had added resonance and turned a mere sports game into massive statement of unity and resilience – something New Orleans would need three years later when Katrina hit.”

Then, in 2006, for the first home Saints game at the Superdome since Hurricane Katrina devastated the city, U2 performed with Green Day the single “The Saints Are Coming,” a moving rock anthem to mark that occasion. Add to this Edge’s work with Music Rising to get instruments to New Orleans’ musicians during post-Katrina years, it’s easy to postulate that U2 were cheering for the Saints as they marched to their first Super Bowl appearance and subsequent victory.

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