Why IE9 is the Bono of browsers

When Microsoft unwrapped an early version of IE9 yesterday, it proved beyond doubt something we’ve suspected for a while: IE is the Bono of browsers.

The similarities between the Irish singer and a Windows web browser might not be immediately obvious, but they’re there.

In their early days U2 were underdogs, and no matter how good their records the critics would say “U2! You are rubbish! And your singer has a stupid name!”

Early IE was like that too. Netscape was the critical darling, and early IEs were greeted with derision.

Being underdogs suited U2. They made better and better records, got better and better at doing gigs, and eventually everything came together. U2 released The Joshua Tree, a brilliant album that conquered the planet.

It was the same with Microsoft. Internet Explorer 4 was its Joshua Tree

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