Guess who is slamming U2, again !

Bono and that other guy Liam Gallagher has had another dig at U2, this time claiming the Irish supergroup buy their fans. Website Contactmusic is reporting the wonderfully verbose frontman as saying:

“I have never seen a U2 fan. I have never seen anyone with a U2 shirt or been around someone’s house that has a fucking U2 record.

“Where do their fans fucking come from? Where are they? I reckon they buy them. With all the money they’ve made, they just bought a load of people and every time they do a gig they get a shovel and pile them into their gigs to make them look good.”

So, what do you think? Are you a genuine U2 fan? Or have you been slipped a couple of Euros by Bono and The Edge?

Side Note About the photo:

June 1997, San Francisco, USA: Oasis were supporting U2 on their tour. Noel was singing Don’t Look Back In Anger and Liam was watching him intently on a monitor on the side of the stage. I was shooting portraits of him, when suddenly a monk-like figure in a cowl loomed up on his right. Jill quickly changed focus to this figure and took one of my favourite images ever, of Liam and Bono

Photograph: Jill Furmanovsky

 Other side note:  Liam must have forgotten that he did in fact open for U2, how quickly we forget where our last meal came from.