U2 Continues To Say FU

The Edge / Bono

 Editor Comment: Remember we share whats reported, someimes its not as wonderful as we think. This story seems to take digs at the lack of local support, however sometimes you have to pick your battle to win the war. Not everyone can be focused on everything. So from our view point “Think Global, Act Local” sounds great however sometimes thats not always as easy as it suggests.

Even though U2 is known for campaigning on behalf of environmental issues, they don’t seem to give a rat’s behind for local communities. Last year in Dublin, they blasted the city’s residents out of their homes, exceeding the maximum level of safe decibels over 12 times during the concert. Tour promoters were fined over £33,000, but nothing has changed for U2, they continue to put on excessively loud and lavish outdoor stage shows, even within city neighborhoods.

Now the U2 guitarist (David Evans) – has purchased 156 acres of land in the exclusive Sierra Canyon district of Malibu, California, and he wants to build a five-home development there which is against local zoning ordinances.

“I believe most of the local opposition is softening as I communicate my intentions of how these homes will collectively compliment the landscape,” he said. “There is a small group of locals who are very vocal and simply want to stop all development of any kind.”

However, Malibu Mayor Pro Tem Jefferson Wagner insisted the development would be out of character for the area.

“This is not what Malibu is about,” said Wagner. “These kinds of places are ego run riot.”

The Edge will now have to put his case to the California Coastal Commission in June, where he hopes officials will allow his plans to go ahead.