U2 Ticket Give A Way

Yesterday U2TOURFANS launched a U2 Ticket give away for 2010 concerts within the U.S.A as questions poured in all afternoon it became clear to us that the contest needed to be explained in greater detail. We will skip today concert news update and provide this simple update to the concert ticket give away.

Q: What does the U2TOURFANS logo look like?

A: The U2TOURFANS logo simply put is a set a block letters “U2TOURFANS” behind a white back ground/with black letters - or the reverse if the back ground is black.

Q: What other things needed to be included with the logo?

A:  We asked that you be creative. Take a photo anywhere you would like wiht the U2TOURANS name within the image.

Q:  Can anyone win the contest ?

A:  Yes as long as the terms and conditions are met.

Q:  Free tickets means what ?

A:  You will win two tickets to the concert location of your choice. Sorry no hotel, air or anything else. Just two tickets.

Q: How often can I enter ?

A:  As often as you would like.

We love U2 !