What if Bono was the POPE

This one we could not even make up. It comes from our friends at the Irlish Central - Amy Andrews the gossip girl to the Irlish paper come up with this wonderful thought of POP Bono.

POPE BONO Ways the world would be different if Bono were Pope

10. Goofy pointed hat would be replaced by a cool Army fatigue
9. Sermons would have a 14-swear maximum
8. “Hold me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me, Kill Me” would be added to the Catholic hymnal
7. Popemobile would be replaced by a bulletproof tour bus.
6. Instead of the normal benediction, services would close with “And on drums, Larry Mullens. Good night Cleveland.”
5. Communion wine would be replaced by pints of Guinness stout
4. Catholic Church would be in charge of canonization of saints as well as inductees into the Rock-And-Roll Hall of Fame
3. Donations to the church would be handled by Ticketmaster
2. In an interview in Rolling Stone, Bono would confess “I am not infallible. But I would like master that turning water into wine thing.”
1. Easter service would be three hours long with two encores

Humm now that sounds like a pretty solid deal to us. I say lets make it happen.