U2 Social Awareness Awakens


Two-time Grammy winning group Soweto Gospel Choir has collaborated with international group U2 on a world cup project. The artists have created music for a series of inserts about South Africa that will be featured on sports channel ESPN during the big tournament. From June 11, ESPN will use music that has been specially recorded by Soweto Gospel Choir and U2.  “This is something very exciting for the choir considering U2 is such a big rock band,” said the choir’s Lucas Bok.The collaboration will appear in every program throughout ESPN’s presentation of the 2010 Fifa World Cup. The choir first sang with U2 on stage at the inaugural 46664 concert.

African Well Fund’s

U2 live photo auction, with all proceeds going toward the AWF’s “Build A Well For Bono’s Birthday” fund raiser. There are 30+ photos available, ranging in size from 5x7 to 16x20 and covering U2’s career from the War tour until today. You can  preview of the photos here or go to eBay to start bidding. All auctions end next Sunday, April 25th 2010


We had to spend a few minutes this morning to alert you of this latest scam. If your on Facebook and Twitter your aware of the thousands of Fan sites that have appeared over night. The new scam is simply to be able to get your agree to some kind of application game from facebook, which is not endorsed by them to be loaded on your page. Warning this is the first step of gaining your personal information. Next item we noticed is tickets. You can either purchase from Ticketmaster or choose purchase from a reseller. We have checked into TicketsNow they are an official company of TicketMaster so the scalping ticket prices you have seen are not available from them. In full disclosure yes they do have a adveristment on the main U2TOURFANS site. We comfirmed their practices and we believe that they are a good secondary choice for ticket purchases. As we get closer to the tour start you will see all types of U2 stuff appear just check carefully and if your still concerned pass on it and save your money.