U2 Smoken Hot !

Their massive world tour set to start its second act in two months, U2 are indeed getting ready to ride their “360” wave once again. And now they’ll have a little spring in their steps knowing that they are the band of choice for “Hot Press” readers.

@U2 reports that the results for the magazine’s Readers’ Poll has U2 at the top of five categories! That’s definitely rewarding, since they were completely shut out of wins at the Grammys this year. U2 were honored with being named “Best Irish Group”, “Best Polling Act”, and “Best Live Act”. “360” was named the “Love of the Year” while “No Line” was recognized as “Best Irish Album”.

Thats a pretty cool  category name: “Love of the Year”. I’m really happy “360” won that because whether you liked it or not, it really was an experience. You definitely had to be there to see it in all of its glory. And the amount of work put into creating a show like that is incredible. So U2 and Willie Williams definitely deserve that honor.

U2 didn’t take first prize in all categories though. “Crazy Tonight” placed second in the “Best Irish Single” category and frontman Bono also received second place honors as “Best Irish Male”. What, Larry couldn’t be recognized? He’ll always be the Best Irish Male to me!

So big congratulations to U2 for their well-deserved wins! It’s nice to know they got some joy in winning this time, unlike on this occasion!