Millions wish Bono happy birthday

We had thousands of birthday wishes come in yesterday for Bono. In fact we are still reviewing messages. Amazing out pouring of love for Bono.  One of the well wishes included Jordan which happens to share the same birthday. -

Happy Birthday Bono and Jordan!!  What a very special day for you and your family!!  You, Bono, have given your fans many special days and for that I thank you very much.  I very much admire your efforts regarding the health and well being of all humans on this earth.  You, are not only a wonderfully talented person, but you are a humanitarian in the best and most complete sense of the word.  Thank you for being such a wonderful example to our children and for working so hard to bring about such positivie changes in our world today.  God Bless you and your family and may you celebrate many many more Happy Birthdays!!

With much Respect and admiration,

Michelle Skelton

Well fans, the tour is just about to start - Are you ready ?