Bono's back injury an opportunity to ridicule U2

The LA Times ran this article, it seems that when someone is on top of their personal and professional game along comes someone to try to knock them down. Why ? Well simple crab in the bucket thinking.

” Place some crabs in a bucket and watch as one tries to get out, the others will pull that crab back in the bucket”

U2’s front-man probably wasn’t singing, “Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah,” after the rehearsal that put him out of commission and caused the band to delay its upcoming tour.

The Irish rock superstars will postpone 16 dates on their upcoming American tour, which was scheduled to stop at Angel Stadium on June 6 & 7, and canceled its high-profile performance at the Glastonbury music festival. Their band’s manager says Bono needs time to heal from a back injury.

After nearly a quarter-century together and close to a bajillion hit songs, there seems to be growing animosity toward the group. As we know from seeing Paul McCartney continue to tour, Bono, 50, might be over the hill, but he isn’t too old to rock. He’ll just have to deal with throwing out his back every now and again.

While Bono may not be able to count to four in Spanish (as evidenced in the intro to the song “Vertigo”), he sure knows how to put on an entertaining, powerful performance. We watched the band rock the Rose Bowl last October. So what’s with all of these haters on our Pop & Hiss music blog?

Boomerang writes: Who cares… Last good U2 album was Achtung Baby and that was about 20 years ago!

Diky writes: Bono and U2 have been letting everyone down with their self righteousness and krap music for years.

Mark writes: Big deal. The most overrated band in the world. 25% talent, 25% hype and 50% politics!

The Bell writes: Bono’s back injury probably has something to do with carrying that big head of his around for so many years.

Is U2’s reputation on the downturn, or was Tuesday’s reader backlash another case of a vocal minority of naysayers?

Lets push our crab out of the bucket and allow them to pull us thru.