U2 Surprises on the way

U2 360 Tour Gaint Stadium 2009 With the new DVD, ‘U2360° at the Rose Bowl’ released next month, U2.com figured it was high time for a chat with U2’s longtime Show Director Willie Williams.

On a sunny afternoon in the UK, they tracked Willie down to his London studio where we found him and his production team hard at work developing ‘visual content’ for the 2010 leg of the Tour.

U2.COM said “Unsurprisingly, the ideas are highly original and we’d love to tell you all about them… but then he’d never speak to us again. Which would never do, as Willie writes the best rock’n’roll touring diary there is” - and only for U2.com subscribers. Still he does drop a few hints in the interview. And, like everyone else, he’s delighted at how the Rose Bowl shoot looks on the new DVD.

‘There is a certain style or how live concerts can look on camera,’ he explains, but the 360° set up has changed all that. ‘You definitely know which show you are at…’

U2’s 360° production team is looking to get you involved. Willie is working with band and production team on a series of new visual ideas for on-screen content. For starters Willie is looking to fans to submit three simple questions which could end up in a new piece of screen content for the show.

The questions are simple - one U2 question, one personal question, one philosophical question. They can be serious or trivial, quite ridiculous… or quite important.

If you’d like the chance for your question to appear on screen on the 360° Tour, fill out the form on u2.com (Members Only). You can pose questions in written form or record them as an MP3 audio file.

If your not a member we would suggest that you sign up before the tour starts. We would have to agree is one of the best around.