Nathanial We Have Your Back !


 Editor Comment: Not sure when the first time I got an invite to support this Facebook page however this story was amazing. We did not cover the story. This story was written by David Guarino on his blog over at This 8 year kid created a postive message to show Bono that we all care.

Now notice his age 8 years old.  Thats great to see that fans come from all age groups.

Nathanial, we are going to ask our followers to show some love to you and support your hard work ! Good Job - U2TOURFANS has your back too.

Facebook Page Link - Followers lets reward the positive work he has done by following - Let him know that we sent you over to him !

Orginal Story by David Gurino

Not many people pray for rock stars – especially admitted rock star megalomaniacs who strut as comfortably before 100,000 screaming fans as they do in front needy Africans, supermodels, presidents and the Pope.

By now you know I mean to say, not many people pray for Bono.

But the 50-year-old lead singer of U2 has hit a bit of a rough patch and an 8-year-old boy in Western Canada has his back.

When Nathanial Crossley of Alberta learned Bono had badly injured his back, required emergency surgery and postponement of the band’s planned summer North American tour, he did what any right-minded, red-blooded, child of the digital age would do: He created a Facebook group.

Nathanial’s aptly-named group, “Bono: I Got Your Back,” had humble beginnings, with family and friends joining to support the 8-year-old. But word got to the U2 world, it hit some U2 fan blogs, got a “thank you” on and then took off.

As of today, there are 1,244 fans throughout North America, from Portugal to Croatia, up through Scandinavia and down to Chile. The site has landed Nathanial on a local rock radio station and allegedly became part of a motivation and emotion lecture by a psychology professor at Chapman University in California.

Nathanial, and his parents, Blake and Candice Crossley, said in interviews that they can’t believe the people drawn to the simple call to action.

“It’s awesome to see how global this has become,” said Blake, a 35-year-old network administrator at Keyano College, who has been a U2 fan for more than 20 years and who proudly notes Nathanial didn’t “see” U2 until last year but heard them when his 3-months pregnant Mom caught a 2001 show.

Nathanial said he was disappointed when he learned the singer had been hurt, saying he was “sad that (Bono) hurt his back while he was rehearsing. I hoped that he was ok and would get better but he was hurt pretty bad.”

Nathanial, told that the tour had been cancelled over breakfast one morning, said he wanted to do something. He wrote Bono a ‘get well’ card, including his own school picture to the pop star,

  ut also wanted to show Bono he had support out there. Blake remembered saying, “Oh, like you have his back.” One conversation led to another, and they decided on the Facebook page.

“It’s pretty amazing what can happen over a bowl of Cheerios,” Blake Crossley said.

Asked why he did it, Nathanial says simply, “So Bono would feel better and see that someone is supporting him. I also wanted other people to support him.”

Nathanial’s Dad embraces the metaphysics of whether prayers – even the Facebook kind – can help a rock star on the mend, and, of course, quotes a U2 song.

“I think the spirit of people transmitting positive energy and vibes to someone we all love and care about makes a person feel loved,” Blake Crossley said. “I’d ask Bono a simple question and take it from the album ‘Pop,’ ‘Do You Feel Loved?’ You should because you got an army of supporters behind you.”

As Nathanial would say, if you need it, Bono, they got your back.