Get On Your Boots for the US vs. England

U2 has licensed their song “Get on Your Boots” for the World Cup Games. The FIFA World Cup 2010 England vs. the US ties 1/1. In the Pre-Match ads they showed a commercial featuring U2 and the Soweto Gospel Choir performing a mash-up for the World Cup Games.

“Get On Your Boots” is from U2’s 2009 “No Line on the Horizon” album and we love how it’s been re-purposed here. Not only is it a recognizable pop tune but it’s been redone with some craft. The boots now represent the shoes of the athletes.It takes a song that at times seems politically charged and makes it an anthem for the games. It may take away the punch of the song but we like this new light hearted version. We miss the  “Sexy Boots” line which has been taken out.  This is a much more subdued version, not lacking in the same energy just transforming it into a cheer for the games.The new ad instills some pride